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Station boss denies ‘creating’ problems for cheap publicity

New evidence has emerged over who maybe causing problems at Blue Panda Radio.

The station’s star presenter Jason Reynolds has suffered a catalogue of issues in recent weeks. From being detained under ‘house arrest’ in Prague to having his microphone ‘tampered with’.

(Jason Reynolds)

One source has told us that the station boss El Rodrigo could be orchestrating it all from behind the scenes to create much needed publicity for the station, as since these high profile problems have emerged listeners numbers have rocketed with listeners fascinated by the in-fighting.

As part of the investigation new forensic evidence has shown some fake tan traces were found in the studio when it was examined after the ‘mic mishap’ on Monday. The studio also had a stale aroma of cheap aftershave, and it’s widely known El Rodrigo has a healthy all year round ‘summer glow’ and also loves the smell of the 70’s.

Not much is known about the secretive station owner apart from the fact he once claimed to have won ‘rear of the year’ back in 1973 when he was a apparently a famous bit part actor. It’s also known he was once controversially won a charity golf day despite claims of blatant cheating by other competitors.

When we asked him about the new developments all he did was flick his highlighted hair back and say ‘I love golf, it’s a true test of ones character and did you know I won a charity golf day back in the 80’s ?’

With the boss now in the frame no other presenters would comment on the on going situation, apart from veteran DJ Jerry Wright, who admitted to caddying for the boss at the controversial golf day. He said ‘ I thought caddying would be a career move with El Rodrigo, but looking back maybe his low winning score wasn’t a true reflection of his actual ability’.