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‘He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother’

Blue Panda Radio presenter Rod Bradbury has strongly denied being involved in a machiavellian plot to ‘set up’ a fellow presenter.

There’s been speculation that another DJ at the station is behind the recent problems suffered by the station’s star presenter Jason Reynolds.

(Jason Reynolds)

In the latest of a string of strange mishaps, on Monday the breakfast show hosts microphone was ‘tampered with’ causing him to sound like a ‘Dalek’ on air.

Rod Bradbury says ‘I have known Jason for 20 years and once we even worked in the same news team, so he’s like a brother to me, and the only emotions I have for him are undying love and total respect. I would never play around with his ‘mic’, as that sounds wrong and would be wrong, as it’s the instrument he uses to bring love and pure entertainment to millions every morning.

In my book there’s nobody better to listen to than Jason while your having a poo in the morning.’

Bradbury also appeared to get a bit emotional on air earlier when talking about the situation and even played the classic track by The Hollies – ‘He ain’t heavy he’s my brother’ as a tribute to Reynolds ending the track by saying ‘I just love that man’.

(Rod Bradbury)

Some have been very quick to criticise Bradbury’s move with veteran DJ Jerry Wright (who’s also under suspicion) first out of the blocks. Wright claimed he couldn’t hear our question until he turned his hearing aid up, but said ‘I couldn’t really properly hear what Rod said on air, a bit like your question, but whatever he said would have just been Radio GA GA.’

When we asked Wright about his position on the accusations against him he appeared to get flustered, and said ‘Everyone knows I desperately wanted the breakfast show as it was my ultimate dream and would have been just reward for 8 decades in radio, but most of the time life isn’t fair, it’s never really done me any favours to be honest, I have always been the bridesmaid but never the vicar’.

(Jerry Wright – pic 1982)

The soap opera continues with station boss El Rodrigo saying ‘all this drama is making the station’s problems a ratings winner, with thousands of new listeners tuning into hear the latest developments, so it works for me’.

To be continued…