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Star DJ’s plane flies off course

Blue Panda Radio’s star DJ has suffered more problems on his ill fated European Summer Roadshow Tour after his plane suffered an unexpected detour.

Jason Reynolds who was detained in Prague last week and placed under ‘house arrest’ after allowing a panda to travel on the tram network is now in the Netherlands.

The presenter had expected to be back in the UK by now, but the tatty cargo plane he travelled on has now landed in Maastricht much to the surprise of the DJ.

Jason says’ We were told to board and thought we were heading for the UK, but much to my shock I am now in the Netherlands, I couldn’t see where we were going on the flight as there wasn’t any windows in the hold of the plane.

If I am honest I was all of a blur really, as all I was really focused on was the condition of the aircraft. I am no expert, but it didn’t look or feel safe and definitely wasn’t airworthy.

Some of the fuselage appeared to have holes in it, the tyres looked bald and the pilot ( Pedro) was a bit dishevelled and possibly the worse for wear, after he turned up late singing, bear chested and glugging from a hip flask.’

When asked about the poor condition of the plane BPR Station boss El Rodrigo said ‘ I am trying to save money here, but you are right I wouldn’t want to fly in it’.

Nobody seems to be any the wiser as to why the aircraft ended up in the Netherlands, but speculation is mounting it could be an ‘inside job’ with one of the other DJ’s involved. Rumours are circulating a few of them are determined to cause Reynolds more problems out of jealousy after they were overlooked for the coveted breakfast show.

The station insists despite the problems Reynolds will be on air on Monday at 7am, but at the moment it’s unclear which country he will be broadcasting from.