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Breakfast DJ faces a very ‘warm’ welcome home

Blue Panda Radio’s popular breakfast show host is finally on his way back to London and could face a very ‘warm’ welcome home

Jason Reynolds has just boarded a Eurostar train from Brussels and is expected back in the UK this afternoon.

The DJ has been overseas longer than expected after being under ‘house arrest’ in Prague after allowing a panda to travel on the tram network during the stations European roadshow tour.

Yesterday he caught a cargo plane, organised by the cost cutting station, but instead of arriving in London as expected he ended up in Maastricht after the pilot apparently got confused mid air as to where he was and who he actually was.

On hearing of the news of Jason’s  imminent return Blue Panda Radio’s station boss El Rodrigo seemed delighted, until he found out the DJ had travelled business class, at which point he exploded with range of expletives and left in a hurry.

Listeners have also warmly welcomed the news, Graham from Falkirk who was going to give Jason red roses on his return a few days ago said he still planned to meet the DJ, as ‘Jason is his life‘ , but could only now give him what was left of the lovely bouquet as he’s not buying anymore.

Deidre in Great Yarmouth who also wanted to speak to the presenter about missing child support payments, said she would also be there to meet him with her new partner ‘Big Dave’ to have a friendly catch up chat about things.

Meanwhile the panda was last seen scurrying aboard a lorry heading for the UK loaded up with a cargo of rum.

Jason Reynolds is expected to back on air live tomorrow – (Monday August 1st) at 7am.