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‘Where in the World is Wesley’ book ? as heard on Blue Panda Radio

Rod Bradbury is a journalist and this fun quiz was first performed on his popular radio show on Blue Panda Radio and proved to be an instant hit with listeners all over the world.

By the clues he gives you work out ‘Where in the World is Wesley ? ‘ The places may talk to you directly to help you to find him.

Give yourself a well earned point for each correct answer. See how many you can get out of 99. (Answers are in the back of the book).

For the final point, can you spot where Wesley’s ‘real’ eye is on my artwork on the front cover. So could actually accumulate a total of a 100 points.

Rod Bradbury ‘Good luck to you. I really hope you enjoy this quiz book, it was interesting and fun to research and perform on the radio and also put together for you to enjoy here’…

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