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This is Elvis – with John Kavanagh on Blue Panda Radio (Sunday 25th)

Hello fellow Elvis fans!
Coming up this Sunday on “THIS IS ELVIS” is a review of “THE YOUNG UN SOUND SESSIONS”.
These sessions were conducted at the Young Un Sound Studios in Nashville in January/February and October/November 1980 and consisted of a collection of Elvis songs being re-recorded using Elvis’ original vocal placed behind new backing tracks.
These sessions were produced and engineered by Elvis’ regular producer Felton Jarvis along with Chip Young.
These sessions produced the album “Guitar Man” which was released back in 1981.
I have chosen the best tracks from the sessions, including some songs that didn’t appear on the album. So something to look forward to this Sunday at 5pm, right here, on Blue Panda Radio Gold. (Sunday 25th September).
Don’t miss it!
Elvisly yours,
John Kavanagh.