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Tag: Jason Reynolds

Blue Panda’s Summer Roadshow ‘cheers up’ Boston

It’s day 2 of the world leg of the Blue Panda Radio Summer Roadshows.

This morning Jason Reynolds and the panda have been in Boston, the capital of Massachusetts which has a population of nearly 700 thousand people, and home to the iconic ‘Cheers’ bar.

On Monday the pair were in Arizona, this morning Boston, so where will they be tomorrow?

Tune in from 7am Wednesday 7th to find out.



Blue Panda’s ‘World Roadshow Tour’ starts in controversy

Jason Reynolds is on the final leg this week of his Blue Panda Radio’s summer roadshows and already on day one it’s been plunged into turmoil.

The superstar DJ was this morning in Arizona entertaining millions online, but his whereabouts now are unknown because of a police manhunt.

It’s after it’s been revealed he could be arrested at any moment, as there is a long standing warrant out for his arrest for a traffic offence dating back to 2003.

Speaking to us from his new hideout the popular presenter believed that by doing a ‘runner’ out of America almost 20 years ago would see him in the clear, as he believed authorities would forget he went AWOL, and he also conveniently claims he’d actually forgotten about the speeding issue himself.

Our call with him was kept short on the request of the superstar DJ, as he was worried if he stayed too long on his mobile his location would be revealed and he could be traced.

It’s understood authorities were ‘tipped off’ that he was back in the States by an ‘unknown’ source but clearly remember ‘racey‘ Reynolds’ mistake behind the wheel of a hire car.

We understand extra officers have been drafted in on the case to track him down and even some FBI officers who were working on the ‘Trump classified documents investigation’ have been told to drop that, and focus on this, as ‘it’s more important for America’.

This isn’t the first time the presenter has been in the headlines. In the previous European leg he was arrested after allowing the stations panda to travel on the Prague tram network, and on the UK leg he failed to turn up for a show after a boozy night out and was eventually found sleeping off the effects on a park bench in Rhyl.

We asked Blue Panda Radio to comment. Station boss El Rodrigo seemed to make matters worse for Jason’s cool trendy image when he said ‘ I thought Jason was more of a railwayman as we often go train spotting together and we also attend many model railway exhibitions with one of us always making the packed lunch.’

As we know other presenters who were ignored for the coveted breakfast slot have all denied have a problem with Reynolds and setting him up on previous occasions.

Rod Bradbury said ‘I would never get in his car, as I just wouldn’t feel safe for a number of reasons which I don’t really want to go into’.

Veteran DJ Jerry Wright (who’s celebrating his 99th birthday later this year) seemed confused about where America actually was, and why cars were now  allowed on the roads, as it always used to be just horses.

Jason Reynolds is due back on air live tomorrow at 7am, but it remains to be seen if he actually makes it.

‘Panda relaxing in Arizona, seemingly unaware of the problems’.








Blue Panda Radio Schedule

Monday –7am Jason Reynolds, 10am Rod Bradbury, 2pm Sandy M, 8pm Jerry Wright.

Tuesday – 7am Jason Reynolds, 10am Rod Bradbury, 2pm Sandy M, 8pm Electric City with Fred Setters.

Wednesday7am Jason Reynolds, 10am Rod Bradbury, 2pm Sandy M,3pm Richard Buckle,8pm Titus Jennings.

Thursday7am Jason Reynolds, 10am Rod Bradbury, 2pm Sandy M, 8pm Rock Block with Ian Davies.

Friday7am James Ross, 10am Fred Setters, 2pm Sandy M, 8pm New Music with Jay Adkins.

Saturday10am James Ross, 3pm Richard Buckle, 4pm James Henry House, 8pm Solid Rock with Fred Setters.

Sunday10am Richard Buckle, 11am Simply 80s with Fred Setters, 3pm Electric City 7pm Just Jazz with Steve Hart 8pm Cool Jazz.


‘Live’ BH Monday on Blue Panda Radio

‘Live’ on Blue Panda Radio this Bank Holiday Monday (August 29th).

7am-9 Jason Reynolds with ‘Caught a Panda’ at 8.20am

10am-12 Rod Bradbury with the ‘Who are You ?’ quiz and the ’11plus exam’.

2pm Sandy M (The Lipstick Avenger)

8pm Jerry Wright with ‘The Album Show’.

(Jason Reynolds, Rod Bradbury, Sandy M, and Jerry Wright)

Superstar DJ keeps ‘silent’ on shimmering onto Strictly

Blue Panda Radio’s superstar breakfast DJ is being linked with possibly appearing on this years Strictly Come Dancing.

Jason Reynolds has publicly said he needs two weeks off to recharge his batteries after an exhausting schedule, which has included controversial roadshows in the UK and also Europe, but our sources suggest he’s secretly in training for the popular TV show Strictly Come Dancing which starts again next month.

Reynolds has recently been spotted wearing leg warmers (similar to that of FAME star Leroy) and also even seen strutting down the road John Travolta style with an open neck shirt, medallion and flares.

The popular DJ wouldn’t comment, but he does have a history of TV appearances. (See pic below).

While Reynolds wouldn’t talk, others at the station would.

Rod Bradbury was first to pipe up, ‘Reynolds or ‘Goldenballs’ as I call him is Mr. Showbiz, and just going by his routines at Xmas parties over the years he will be very entertaining if he gets his chance, it could be a career defining moment’.

Bradbury’s opinion counts as he knows all about dancing after he unintentionally won a disco competition back in the 80’s. He apparently was just staggering across the dancefloor to the bar to get some crisps when he was declared the winner of the dance off, much to his drunken delight.

Also veteran DJ Jerry Wright (94) says ‘Yet again, I have been overlooked in life, as did you know I  have a long history of dancing dating back to the dance halls of the 1950’s? Ginger Rogers even once said I had better feet than Fred’.

After further investigation it’s believed Reynolds could be one of the reserves for the programme and it’s thought he’s third or fourth on that ‘B’ list at best, but no official comment has been made.

Station Boss El Rodrigo, who claims he actually invented the ‘Paso Doble’ dance in Spain says ‘Jason is very talented and can put his ‘foot in it’ anywhere’.

Strictly Come Dancing starts in September.

(Reynolds secretly filmed in training)


Station boss denies ‘creating’ problems for cheap publicity

New evidence has emerged over who maybe causing problems at Blue Panda Radio.

The station’s star presenter Jason Reynolds has suffered a catalogue of issues in recent weeks. From being detained under ‘house arrest’ in Prague to having his microphone ‘tampered with’.

(Jason Reynolds)

One source has told us that the station boss El Rodrigo could be orchestrating it all from behind the scenes to create much needed publicity for the station, as since these high profile problems have emerged listeners numbers have rocketed with listeners fascinated by the in-fighting.

As part of the investigation new forensic evidence has shown some fake tan traces were found in the studio when it was examined after the ‘mic mishap’ on Monday. The studio also had a stale aroma of cheap aftershave, and it’s widely known El Rodrigo has a healthy all year round ‘summer glow’ and also loves the smell of the 70’s.

Not much is known about the secretive station owner apart from the fact he once claimed to have won ‘rear of the year’ back in 1973 when he was a apparently a famous bit part actor. It’s also known he was once controversially won a charity golf day despite claims of blatant cheating by other competitors.

When we asked him about the new developments all he did was flick his highlighted hair back and say ‘I love golf, it’s a true test of ones character and did you know I won a charity golf day back in the 80’s ?’

With the boss now in the frame no other presenters would comment on the on going situation, apart from veteran DJ Jerry Wright, who admitted to caddying for the boss at the controversial golf day. He said ‘ I thought caddying would be a career move with El Rodrigo, but looking back maybe his low winning score wasn’t a true reflection of his actual ability’.