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‘Star’ DJ Reynolds set to fly home soon on a cargo plane

Blue Panda Radio’s boss has agreed to pay bail money to release his ‘star’ DJ.

Jason Reynolds has been under ‘house arrest’ after being detained on suspicion of allowing a panda to travel on the tram network last week in Prague which is strictly banned in the country.

BPR supremo El Rodrigo says ‘drumming up this sort of cash for bail at short notice hasn’t been easy, but Jason is the star of the station, so we need to support him through this difficult time, and lets face it we really need him as we don’t really have any other real personalities’.

Pushed further on where the bail money came from all El Rodrigo would say is ‘I called in a few favours, banged a few heads together and we knocked on a few doors late last night, I agree it was a bit messy but that’s life’.

The bail money has apparently been handed over in used notes and Reynolds is expected to fly back to the UK in the next few days in the hold of a cargo plane to save the station money.

His popular show this morning hit record numbers with the publicity attracting more listeners concerned about the DJ’s plight.

But all this has stirred up more problems for the controversial station with some fellow DJ’s feeling Reynolds is getting preferential treatment.

84 year old veteran DJ Jerry Wright spoke to us from his care home and bitterly said, ‘I’ve worked in radio since it was first invented and it’s not fair as Jason rocks up, takes the top show (the one I should have had years ago) and gets all the fame’.

Jerry Wright ( pic 1972).

Speaking and slurring from his usual working men’s club, Rod Bradbury (who’s denied tipping off authorities in Prague) for his own career benefit, said ‘I am so pleased for ‘Golden balls’ as I call him and I hope he gets home without any further trouble, as so many things could and may still go wrong’.

Rod Bradbury

Listeners have also responded to the homecoming news. Graham in Falkirk said he was over the moon and would be waiting at the airport for the cargo plane with a nice bouquet of red roses for Jason.

Deirdre in Great Yarmouth also said she was delighted Jason would soon be back in the UK, as she wanted to talk to him about a missing payment for child support as he’d not been returning her calls for years and thanked us for letting her know of his whereabouts.

Jason Reynolds

Jason Reynolds is ‘live’ each morning on Blue Panda Radio 7am-9.