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Play ‘What am I’ ? on Blue Panda Radio

Blue Panda Radio:
Rod Bradbury ‘LIVE’ weekdays at midday with the popular quiz – What am I ?
Here’s the clues for Monday’s game – (4th March 2024)
So, what am I ?…
1: Many people including some experts doubt whether I actually really exist including researchers at Kings College in London said I was ‘subjective’. Many people struggle to find me and some never, ever will do in their lives.
2: In the 1940’s a German doctor called Grafenberg discovered me and I am named after him, but let’s be honest here, I was actually first mentioned in 11th century Indian texts.
3: Some say I am fiction, others say I am fact. To call me a zone is maybe more accurate than calling me a spot and only two thirds of woman report to actually ever knowing me.
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