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Play the popular quiz – What am I ? on Blue Panda Radio

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Rod Bradbury is ‘LIVE’ with his popular quiz WHAT AM I ? weekdays at midday on Blue Panda Radio.
Extracts from Rod’s new quiz book are below – maybe try these three as a taster.
I am part of a global system and operate through a network, 31 to 1 to be precise. I can also be very exact. My first known modern system called ‘Transit’ was first used by the US military in the 1960’s.
I am big on the ‘Doppler effect’ as it’s a key component here. I was first open to the public following a disaster. In 1983, Korean Airlines Flight 007 was shot down by the Soviet Union killing 269 passengers on board as the flight entered the prohibited Soviet airspace. This incident prompted US President Ronald Reagan to provide public access to me.
I am used in various sectors and industries including transportation, aviation and emergency services, but I can be jammed or spoofed but I am always evolving.
I can glow in the dark as I have bioluminescent organs which emit blue or green light. I am also made up of 95% water.
I am found all over the world but don’t have any brains, blood, eyes or bones, but I do have an elementary nervous system.
I am prolific as I effect 150 million people a year killing a few and some of us are death defying as we are biologically immortal.
I first rocked up in 1956 and I am now 300 million times cheaper than I first was. I am significant and have numerous parts including aluminium, glass, cobalt, nickel and magnesium. Precious metals such as platinum, copper, gold and silver are also components here.
Even if you smash me to pieces with a hammer you still probably won’t destroy me, the only way is a technique called ‘degaussing’ which uses a magnetic field.
I am fast turning 7,200 times a minute and I’m brilliant for storage. I also have a magnetizing thin film of ferromagnetic material on both sides.