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Elvis – ‘The Jungle Room Sessions’ on Blue Panda Radio Gold

Greetings fellow Elvis fans!
This is your weekly invitation to join me TODAY at 5pm (GMT) for “ELVIS MEMORIES” radio show on BLUE PANDA RADIO GOLD.
Today’s show highlights the album “THE JUNGLE ROOM SESSIONS” in part 4 of my series “The FTD Collection”. This release from our friends at Follow That Dream back in 2000, is mainly regarded as the fan’s favourite release in the collector’s series and is certainly worth a listen.
To finish out today’s show on Blue Panda Radio Gold, I will feature selected tracks from a fabulous CD from our friends at “Memphis Mansion” in Denmark.
You’ll simply love the sound on this special release which features RARE interviews with Elvis with it’s main contents lifted from Elvis’ appearance on “The Frank Sinatra Show” back in May 1960.
So, lots to look forward to today.
See you all at 5pm. Don’t miss it on Blue Panda Radio Gold.
Elvisly yours,
John Kavanagh