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Elvis – Aloha from Hawaii via satellite

Greetings fellow Elvis fans!
For today’s “Elvis Memories” radio show, I am jumping ahead slightly in part 41 of my “Elvis Vinyl Album Collection” series because it was on this very day and this date 51 years, that the “Aloha From Hawaii Via Satellite” concert was beamed live around the world. So today, I will review the double album soundtrack from this historic show, including the bonus songs that were recorded for the U.S. edition of the show.
Now as my show was pre-recorded in advance of the sad and tragic news regarding the passing of my beloved friend Trevor Simpson, I was not able to conduct a complete tribute to this great man. That will take place on next week’s show. However, I did record a short tribute to Trevor and this will feature at the end of today’s show.
Elvisly yours,
John Kavanagh
Elvis Memories
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