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DJ Reynolds issues statement over ‘Pandagate’ and fights on

Official statement from Jason Reynolds:

I, and the wider Breakfast Show team , were delighted to hear of the ambitious plans to attract departing BBC talent to new pastures. Steve Wright and I used to be colleagues at the BBC and it is for this reason that I know he would never again do a breakfast show. So our early morning bed still feels comfortable to lie in.

However, we cannot help but feel that this is all a Machiavellian
smokescreen to deflect attention away from the strike action threatened
as a result of the punitive way the Breakfast team have been dealt with.
Unless our expenses claims are met in full, we reserve the right to
continue with industrial action across the summer months, beginning this

The ball is firmly in the court of Blue Panda Radio’s management and no
amount of speculative news stories will “bury” this bad news.

In the meantime, we look forward to another great week of shows with our
incredible listeners.