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Breakfast show presenter under ‘house arrest’

Blue Panda Radio’s Breakfast show presenter is now under ‘house arrest’ after problems in Prague during their European summer roadshow tour.

Jason Reynolds was detained yesterday after the stations panda was caught travelling on the city’s trams which is apparently banned in the Czech Republic capital.

He was arrested after coming off air on Thursday and interviewed under caution. Blue Panda Radio lawyers are now trying to liaise with the British Embassy to bring the team back to the UK ahead of Monday’s planned show.

A source has told us it’s believed bail money has been set at around 7 thousand Euros.

When asked about the situation this morning Blue Panda Radio’s supremo El Rodrigo, who we tracked down on an exclusive golf course, said ‘I really can’t comment now as I tee off soon’.

But there are mixed reports on his thoughts. One source has told us the BPR boss believes Reynolds and the panda are causing to much trouble for the station and should be axed. Another source said El Rodrigo believes Reynolds is ‘god’ like on air and can’t be replaced, and the panda has many useful influential celebrity friends. So it’s a confusing picture for listeners.

It’s not the first time the popular breakfast show crew has had problems. Only last month the team had a ‘boozy’ night out and failed to turn up for a show at the end of the UK leg of their summer roadshow tour.

Many fans have already commented. 84 year old Gill in Manchester said ‘I just hope Jason is alright, as his voice is like treacle in my ears and my morning wouldn’t be the same without him and a cuppa’.

A flustered Terry in Belfast who looked visibly upset, just said ‘I really love that man and I am devastated by the news of his ‘house arrest’ and will do anything to help Jason as he really is my world’.