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Boris shows support for Blue Panda’s breakfast team

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has come out in support of the Blue Panda Radio’s controversial breakfast team.

Presenter Jason Reynolds and his sidekick the panda have threatened strike action in a dispute over expenses with the first walk out planned for next week.

The pair’s expenses claim was rudely ‘torn up’ live on air this week by Rod Bradbury who said the pair could ‘go and do one’.

This dispute follows a bust up earlier this month when the pair failed to turn up for their popular breakfast show after they went on a drunken night out and were eventually found on a park bench sleeping off their excesses.

Labour’s Deputy Leader Angela Rayner also appeared to come out in support of the popular breakfast team blatantly wearing panda shoes in the House of Commons this week.

Reynolds says he is open to talks, but a spokesman for Blue Panda Radio said ‘We will not be caving into their demands and if necessary we will ‘chuck out’ an out of date, pre-recorded show as some listeners may not even notice or even care that they’re not on air’.

The first day of strike action is planned for Friday 7th July and with no end in sight for this dispute some experts fear we could be in for a summer of bland radio without the dynamic duo.