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Blue Panda’s ‘summer roadshows’ suffers more problems

Breakfast team update:
Today, the Breakfast Show team were in Monte Carlo.
But earlier no-one knew the whereabouts of the Panda after he stormed out of a beach-side restaurant over dinner last night. One of the Blue Panda Radio Breakfast team knocked over the salt shaker and, superstitiously, threw some salt over his shoulder. The Panda thought that this was the cue for a full-on food fight. The manager came over, told the Panda to get down from the table and stop throwing bread rolls around. Jason and the Panda had a massive argument and the Panda stormed off, last seen trying to get his over-sized, hairy backside into a taxi.
No-one saw him or heard from him for a while and he was refusing to answer the door at his hotel room and his mobile was switched off.
This morning the panda was found in a casino but it is hoped he will make today’s flight at lunchtime to the next destination ?