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Blue Panda Radio Gold dedicate show to Lisa Marie Presley

Hello dear friends, radio listeners and fellow Elvis fans.
As many of you are aware, my radio show is pre-recorded and today’s show was recorded just days before the tragic news was announced regarding the sad passing of Elvis’ beloved daughter Lisa Marie Presley.
As we celebrate today, the 50th. Anniversary of the greatest moment in Elvis’ career, we have decided to dedicate this show to Lisa. There will be an official tribute to Lisa, in a special show in due course but not right now, as the trauma and shock of this tragedy is too painful at this moment.
So through the sound of Elvis’ great music, on this special 50th. Anniversary of “ELVIS: ALOHA FROM HAWAII”, let us remember Lisa and keep her treasured memory close to our hearts. Thank you.
John Kavanagh.
Today we celebrate the 50th anniversary of perhaps the greatest moment in Elvis’ career, his live satellite TV broadcast to more than 1 billion people from the HIC Arena in Honolulu, Hawaii back on Sunday 14th. January 1973.
The show is filled with many of the great performances from the rehearsal show, recorded on Friday 12th. January 1973 along with the bonus songs recorded especially for the US version of the show.
The show will also include input from my special guests Giuseppe Castiglia, Trevor Simpson, Colin Paul and Matt Shepherd.
Elvisly yours,
“This Is Elvis”
Today (Sunday 15th January) 4pm-6pm