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Blue Panda DJ Reynolds says ‘the show must go on’

Blue Panda Radio’s popular breakfast show presenter Jason Reynolds says his programme tomorrow morning will go ahead as planned as the ‘show must go on’.

He says ‘ I can’t let my listeners down as for many of them all they have in their lives is me. I know I am loved by millions, and for many their lives wouldn’t been the same without me in it each morning’.

His cocky comments came despite being under ‘house arrest’ after coming to blows with authorities in Prague during on the last leg of his European Summer Roadshow tour.

He was arrested after the stations panda was caught travelling on the city’s trams which is banned in the Czech Republic capital.

Reynolds who was speaking to us from a secret location and said he would reveal more details of exactly what has happened on his show tomorrow morning, but he did say it’s been quite an experience and lots has gone on in just a few days.

It’s unclear whether he’s in the UK or not or whether his bail money has been paid and if so by whom.

Blue Panda Radio is remaining silent only saying their lawyers are sort of watching the situation.

Gary from Stevenage who’s been a Jason fan for years, says ‘ I’ve been so worried I’m off my food and have come out in nasty rash’ and Sarah from Blackpool said ‘ I feel I know Jason better than my husband as I have Jason tattoo and I definitely prefer listening to him than my old man’.

Jason Reynolds is ‘live’ on Blue Panda Radio weekdays 7am-9