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Ada’s Country Hour on Blue Panda Radio Gold

***** NEW TO SUNDAYS AT 9PM *****
Ada Daly joins Blue Panda Radio Gold from this Sunday with Ada’s Country Hour – classic hits through the decades from some of Country Music’s biggest stars!
Here’s a message from Ada:
I’ve always loved Country music going way back to when I was small. The sound of a deep bass or a twangy guitar together with a beautiful song that had a story to tell always moved me deeply.
Perhaps because I had a country upbringing, and life was always simple and that life is indeed a story, that needed to be told.
So all these beautiful songs do just that to me as they have such emotion, tears, laughter and happiness in them. I’m hoping to pass this enthusiasm on to you all through the music I’ll be playing for you.
Join Ada this Sunday from 9pm!