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‘Legends’ day on Blue Panda Radio

This Bank Holiday Monday (August 29th) on Blue Panda Radio Gold, we are bringing out the legends to entertain you with their own dedicated hours starting from 10am and ending at 6pm.
Here’s the legendary line up!!
10am Elvis Hour
11am Billy Fury Hour
12pm Cliff Richard Hour
1pm The Beatles Hour
2pm The Beach Boys Hour
3pm Neil Diamond Hour
4pm Buddy Holly Hour
5pm Neil Sedaka Hour

The Beatles songbook part 4

Hello music lovers!
Join John Kavanagh today at 7pm on Blue Panda Radio Gold for part 4 of “THE BEATLES SONGBOOK”
Today you’ll hear about all the happenings from late 1963 through early 1964 plus lots of great sounds from the fab four during that time period.
If you love music and in particular THE BEATLES…..then this is the radio show for you.
See you all at 7pm, right here, on Blue Panda Radio Gold.
Don’t miss it!

The Beatles Songbook

Join John Kavanagh today @ 11am on Blue Panda Radio Gold for part 9 of “The Beatles Songbook Complete”.
Hear about the time when The Beatles went to meet Elvis and the commencement of their “Rubber Soul” sessions.

The Beatles Songbook Complete

Coming this Sunday at 11am on Blue Panda Radio Gold is part 8 of
Hear the great sounds and happenings that relate to the first half of the year 1965 in the life of the Beatles.