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Tag: Strictly Come Dancing

Superstar DJ keeps ‘silent’ on shimmering onto Strictly

Blue Panda Radio’s superstar breakfast DJ is being linked with possibly appearing on this years Strictly Come Dancing.

Jason Reynolds has publicly said he needs two weeks off to recharge his batteries after an exhausting schedule, which has included controversial roadshows in the UK and also Europe, but our sources suggest he’s secretly in training for the popular TV show Strictly Come Dancing which starts again next month.

Reynolds has recently been spotted wearing leg warmers (similar to that of FAME star Leroy) and also even seen strutting down the road John Travolta style with an open neck shirt, medallion and flares.

The popular DJ wouldn’t comment, but he does have a history of TV appearances. (See pic below).

While Reynolds wouldn’t talk, others at the station would.

Rod Bradbury was first to pipe up, ‘Reynolds or ‘Goldenballs’ as I call him is Mr. Showbiz, and just going by his routines at Xmas parties over the years he will be very entertaining if he gets his chance, it could be a career defining moment’.

Bradbury’s opinion counts as he knows all about dancing after he unintentionally won a disco competition back in the 80’s. He apparently was just staggering across the dancefloor to the bar to get some crisps when he was declared the winner of the dance off, much to his drunken delight.

Also veteran DJ Jerry Wright (94) says ‘Yet again, I have been overlooked in life, as did you know I  have a long history of dancing dating back to the dance halls of the 1950’s? Ginger Rogers even once said I had better feet than Fred’.

After further investigation it’s believed Reynolds could be one of the reserves for the programme and it’s thought he’s third or fourth on that ‘B’ list at best, but no official comment has been made.

Station Boss El Rodrigo, who claims he actually invented the ‘Paso Doble’ dance in Spain says ‘Jason is very talented and can put his ‘foot in it’ anywhere’.

Strictly Come Dancing starts in September.

(Reynolds secretly filmed in training)