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Tag: Rod Bradbury radio

Rod Bradbury is ‘live’ on Blue Panda Radio weekdays at 10am

Rod Bradbury is a radio journalist and news editor with 25 years of radio experience in both commercial and BBC stations in both news and presenting.

His popular shows on Blue Panda Radio are listened too all over the world.

Rod’s shows have regular features including the ‘Who Are You ?’ quiz, the 11plus exam, the latest news, ‘Thought 4 the Day’ and his popular worldwide travel feature. Tune in to find out which ones he’s featuring today.

‘Live’ Monday to Thursday 10am-12

Play ‘Where in the World is Wesley ?’ on Blue Panda Radio

Each weekday morning play Where in the World is Wesley ?’

Rod Bradbury will give you three sets of cryptic clues and also play three ‘clue tracks’ to help you track him down.

He’s so far been located in the Amazon Rainforest, up the Eiffel Tower and on top of the world’s tallest building Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

Rod Bradbury’s show is Monday to Thursday from 10am and ‘live’ on Blue Panda Radio and also streamed by other stations.

The ‘Where in the World is Wesley ?’ book is due to be published soon.

     Can you spot Wesley’s real eye here ?

Rod Bradbury’s back ‘live’ on Tues Jan 3rd on Blue Panda Radio

Rod Bradbury is back ‘live’ on Blue Panda Radio on Tuesday January 3rd 2023 from 10am.

The popular show will feature ‘Where in the World is Wesley ? ‘ and also the 11+ examination (one of the most difficult quizzes on radio).

He will also bring you all the latest news, sport and weather each weekday ‘live’ 10am-12.

Play and work out ‘Where in the World is Wesley’ ?

Rod Bradbury’s shows are brought to you and sponsored by Surrey Website Design

Rod Bradbury ‘live’ weekdays 10am on Blue Panda Radio

Rod Bradbury is ‘live’ weekdays on Blue Panda Radio.

Play the popular quiz ‘Where’s Wesley ?’ (work out where in the world the little black dog is by the quirky clues you are given) and also try radio’s most difficult quiz (the 11+ examination) each morning.

Plus news, sport, weather and new music from unsigned artists.

‘Live’ 10am-12 on Blue Panda Radio

                     Where’s Wesley ?



Rod Bradbury’s popular shows to return to Blue Panda Radio

Rod Bradbury’s popular weekday show is set to return to Blue Panda Radio on Monday 12th December.

So join Rod on Monday morning and play Where’s Wesley ? and also tackle radio’s most difficult quiz -‘the 11plus examination’.

Rod is ‘live’ weekdays 10am-12.

      Rod Bradbury                                                     Wesley


Journalist Rod Bradbury looks at ‘The Secret Matchmaker’

The Secret Matchmaker: Journalist Delves Deep into Phenomenon Responsible for Changing the Course of True Love – Online Dating

With an estimated third of new couples now meeting online, journalist and radio presenter Rod Bradbury’s curiosity was piqued. His book, The Secret Matchmaker, shares the evolution of the industry, Bradbury’s conversations with the founder of The Secret Matchmaker site launched in 2005, and his experiences having signed on the dating app dotted line.

The Secret Matchmaker provides a unique overview of the industry that has been embraced the world over, and according to 2021 figures, 323 million people are using as a means to find true love.

Rod Bradbury immerses himself in the origins of this comparatively new means of finding love, learns all from the original Secret Matchmaker, David Cliff and shares the good and not so good moments of others who have used online dating to find a partner. Recently single, he also shares his own dating experiences having been given complimentary membership to

A revelatory read that puts humankind’s need to find love centre stage, Rod Bradbury’s The Secret Matchmaker not only showcases his first-class journalistic acumen, but makes a great template for the author to explore and report on further contemporary conundrums.


“I ended up taking her whole family to McDonald’s and feeding her kids.”

“When we met for the first date I was expected a white lady but…”

“I’ve now been married for 15 years after meeting my soulmate online.”

“My ex spotted us in a restaurant and I ended up with a plate of pasta all over my head.”

Online dating is a worldwide phenomenon. This book looks at the history, reveals true life experiences as people look for love and gives tips on how to succeed.

Journalist Rod Bradbury goes behind the scenes of The Secret Matchmaker.


Rod Bradbury is a journalist who works on radio, in print and online and also runs his own PR company Blue Panda PR.

He’s also produced two political films and written two quiz books.


Play one of the hardest quizzes on radio…

Some people are now saying it’s one of the hardest quizzes on radio.

Play Rod Bradbury’s popular ‘11plus exam’ each weekday around 11am.

He gives you 20 questions and you need 11 or more to pass.

The current record holder is David Robbins from the UK who has scored 18/20.

Can you beat that ? Or can you even pass the 11plus ?