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Tag: Jerry Wright

Jerry Wright on Blue Panda Radio

Jerry Wright has a great deal of experience in music and in radio.

From his early days as a keen volunteer and unpaid station assistant at BBC Radio Medway in the 70’s  and at Invicta Radio in Kent in the early 80’s.  He finally got his ‘On Air’ break as a DJ on the “Boat That Rocked” the Ross Revenge  (Radio Caroline) out in the North Sea  in January 1986.  Jerry still broadcasts  a regular show on Radio Caroline on Friday Nights 21.00 – Midnight.(BST) UTC+1 –

From there he has worked in Commercial Radio in the UK  at Mellow 1557 in Frinton Essex, Invicta Supergold, Invicta FM, KFM, in Kent and on few others before joining Radio Jackie in SW London in 2003.

Where up until the Covid Virus struck in March 2020 he has been the regular Late night voice of SW London for the past 17 years.

Jerry Wright’s website

Mondays 8pm-10pm on Blue Panda Radio.

‘Live’ BH Monday on Blue Panda Radio

‘Live’ on Blue Panda Radio this Bank Holiday Monday (August 29th).

7am-9 Jason Reynolds with ‘Caught a Panda’ at 8.20am

10am-12 Rod Bradbury with the ‘Who are You ?’ quiz and the ’11plus exam’.

2pm Sandy M (The Lipstick Avenger)

8pm Jerry Wright with ‘The Album Show’.

(Jason Reynolds, Rod Bradbury, Sandy M, and Jerry Wright)

Star DJ claims his popular show was ‘sabotaged’

Blue Panda Radio’s popular breakfast show presenter is claiming his show was ‘sabotaged’ after massive technical problems ‘live on air’ this morning.

Jason Reynolds who’s just back in the UK after a difficult time abroad on his European summer roadshows says ‘things just go from bad to worse and someone is behind all this.’

‘I have been placed under house arrest in Prague for allowing a panda to travel on the tram network after authorities were tipped off. I have also been stuffed like a sardine in a creaking cargo plane and flown to the wrong destination by a strange looking pilot who didn’t even know who he was, or where we were going’.

This morning Reynolds microphone was ‘playing up’ and he sounded like he was broadcasting from a toilet. Closer analysis by experts after his show revealed a crucial wire to his microphone had apparently been ‘tampered with’ causing the distortion.

The presenter says he believes he is now the target of a ‘campaign of DJ jealousy’ and believes it’s probably other presenters at the station who resent his growing popularity who are behind and causing all these unusual problems.

(Jason Reynolds) – AKA ‘ Goldenballs’

Both Rod Bradbury and veteran broadcaster Jerry Wright had been linked with the coveted breakfast show, but then overlooked when Blue Panda Radio opted for what many media critics believe is the vastly more talented Reynolds.

Both presenters declined to comment on the allegations, but Bradbury was allegedly spotted with a pair of wire cutters earlier, and it’s been revealed Wright was a trainee electrician back in the 60’s, so appears to have the relevant skills needed to disrupt a microphone.

(Rod Bradbury)

(Jerry Wright pic 1971)

Listener figures to the station have rocketed since all these shenanigans started and who knows where it will end?

Station boss El Rodrigo says ‘Listeners seem to love all this drama, so I am not going to intervene at the moment. It’s like a good soap opera and we need a new one after losing my favourite soap Neighbours’.

Jason Reynolds is back on air ‘live’ at 7am tomorrow with Rod Bradbury ‘live’ at 10am and Jerry Wright talking into the mic at 8pm.