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About Blue Panda Radio

Blue Panda Radio has been ‘on air’ since January 2021.

It’s a mixture of most musical genres from the 60’s to today’s music and broadcasts 24 hours a day a mixture of live and pre-recorded programmes.

Jason Reynolds and Rod Bradbury who have both worked extensively in radio for many years both present live daily weekday shows. Jason is ‘on air’ 7am-9am with Rod Bradbury ‘live’ each weekday at 10am.

(Jason Reynolds)

(Rod Bradbury)

Blue Panda Radio has specialised programmes most evenings which include jazz, blues and also rock.

Blue Panda Radio also likes to showcase new music from unsigned artists and actively encourages new musicians to send in tracks which are often featured on the station.

The station takes an hourly news bulletin from Radio News hub which comprises of a two minute international bulletin.

The station has a interactive website ( with a contacts page for listeners to get in touch and detailed profiles of all its presenters and articles about forthcoming shows, features and competitions.

The station also offers two other streams to compliment its main service. Blue Panda Radio Gold specialises in music from the 1950’s to 1979 and has hourly special shows featuring Elvis Presley, Billy Fury, Shakin’ Stevens and other legendary musicians.

On Blue Panda Chill-Out it’s a mix of relaxing, stress free tunes aimed at providing a calm, tranquil listen.

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