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Rod Bradbury ‘LIVE’ weekdays at midday on Blue Panda Radio

BLUE PANDA RADIO: (Europe’s number 1.)

Rod Bradbury ‘LIVE’ weekdays at midday on Blue Panda Radio with all the news and his popular ‘WHAT AM I’ quiz.

Here’s the clues for tomorrow ( Monday 25th March) and please NO googling ahead of the live show.

* I have been around for 40 million years and my skin is smooth, soft and moist and sometimes I shed it and then eat it as a snack, but it’s does contain a poison to ward off any predators.

* If I lose my legs or tail I can grow them back, the process in called regeneration. I can also regrow my arms, intestines, eyes, spinal cord and even my heart. So I am very self- sufficient.

* My babies are called ‘efts’ and I am semiaquatic and some of us have tufty bits, but it’s only the males that have this during the mating season.

So what am I ?